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Enduring Memorials from the Cuetara-Hile Memorial Center
We at the Cuetara-Hile Memorial Center are aware of the emotions at this time.  The loss
of a loved one or the need to plan because of severe illness can be not only traumatic
but also emotionally draining on everyone involved.  Our trained staff is here to work with
you during this time to help you make the decisions you need in selecting a memorial
that is right for you.  We do not believe in "High Pressure" sales and strive to work within
your budget while providing the finest quality memorials.
Domestic and Imported Granite in a wide range of Beautiful Colors
Memorials in Flat and Upright Styles or Custom Designed
Bronze or Bronze on Granite Memorials
Pre-need and At-need Memorial Lettering
Engraved Brick for your Home or Project.
We engrave brick for various uses and can work with you to select a brick style that best
suits your individual project.  See our
Customized Engraved Brick page for more
information on brick for memorial walls and memorial walks.
Custom Yardstones say Welcome in unique ways.
Yardstones are a creative way to welcome people to your home.  We offer many sizes
and can work with you to customize a yardstone with your name, street number, camp or
club name, or almost anything.  Designs are also available.  See our
Yardstone page for more information.
"Caring, Considerate, Knowledgeable people
at a time when you need us most."
"Serving the area since 1968"
Enduring Pet Memorials for your trusted companion.
More and more people are providing tributes to their trusted companions with beautiful
granite pet stones.  Losing a pet can be as traumatic to some people as the loss of
another loved one.  See our
Pet Stones page for more information.
Memorial Restoration, preserving family history.
Weather is damaging to any type of memorial.  Acid rain, snow, wind and other elements
can deteriorate the appearance of your memorial.  See restoration, maintenance, and
cleaning on our
Services page for more information.
See our Ad for
more information
ATTENTION: Crown Crest Cemetery Lot Owners
You have a choice of where you can purchase your Bronze Cemetery Memorial.  We
carry the complete line of available Bronze Memorials for Crown Crest Cemetery
including Veterans Markers.  We are a professional and compassionate family owned
and operated local business with competitive pricing and we do our own installations.
You can rest assured knowing if you purchase a memorial with us it will be installed.
See our
Bronze Markers section for more information on Bronze Cemetery Memorials.
(814) 765-7776  Toll Free 1-877-544-0171
Memorial Center
(814) 765-7776  Toll Free 1-877-544-0171
Civic Memorials, preserving community history.
Veterans walls, special historical events, community founders memorials.  At one time or
another communities and individuals seek to remember people and events, we have
many options to assist in creating an individualized memorial to fit your needs.  See
photos of different projects on our
Civic Memorials page for more information.