Solar Vigil Lights
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Solar Vigil Lights
Vigil Lights & Candles
Monument and In-Ground Vases
Memorial Center
Porcelain Photos
Porcelain Photos are available in various
shapes such as circular, oval, squares
and hearts and styles including flat and
domed.  Photos can be black and white,
color or sepia.  
Etchings provide the most detail in
memorial engraving aside from
photos.  Etchings should be done
on black granite only for the best
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A Closer Look

The photo and
etchings on the
memorials to the
right can be seen
enlarged by moving
the mouse over

This allows you to
see the memorials
overall looks, as well
as the detail in the
accent (photo/etch)
Supplies and Close-outs
We carry a supply of wax candles for the traditional vigil lights, these are
available individually or by the case as well as rechargeable batteries for the
solar vigil lights.  Periodically manufacturers will discontinue a vase or vigil
light model which allows us to pass savings along to you.  Visit our showroom
to see what we have.