Customized Engraved Brick
Memorial Center
We offer Customized Engraved Brick in various styles, shapes, and sizes.  
Engraved Brick offers many options for large or small projects including
walkways, walls, building enhancements, Eagle Scout projects, and entrances to
name a few of the many projects that can be done using engraved brick.  Using
various brick sizes or including brick sized granite allows for fund raising at
various levels and projects can be done in phases to allow for continued fund
raising.  Engraving can be done before the project is constructed as well as after
the project is completed.

We work with military and civic organizations, groups, companies, and
municipalities to assist with engraved brick for dedications, tributes, or any other
purpose you may have.  Contact us today to discus your project.
Close-up showing one of the pillars on the
Clearfield Area High School "Golden Bison
Wall".  Project uses a textured brick.
Close-up showing engraved and
blank brick on the Clearfield Vets
wall.  Project uses a smooth faced
Your projects do not
need to be restricted to
traditional brown or red
brick. Shown are a white
brick and a light gray
granite both with blue
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