Lasting beauty in Bronze
Many people select Bronze as a lasting way to show tribute to their loved ones.  When
selecting bronze there are some things to consider.  Bronze is a beautiful metal with a
deep gold appearance when it is new but the weather changes this color to a subtle green
over time.  This green color is called a patinae and is what gives all metal sculptures and
monuments their character.
Cuetara-Hile Bronze Memorials
Knowing about bronze, and what to expect.
We work with several bronze casting manufacturers and use only the finest quality
bronze products.  We offer Bronze on Granite memorials used in many Memorial Parks,
Bronze Plaques used on concrete or as memorials for Veterans organizations, Civil, and
Private organizations, and attachable Bronze pieces that can be placed on your granite
Beautiful Attachable
Bronze accents in
various styles and sizes.
Beautiful Bronze
memorials mounted on
granite in various styles
and sizes.
Bronze Memorials
Beautiful Bronze
Memorial Plaques in
various styles and sizes.
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