Enduring Pet Memorials
Memorial Center
More and more pets are becoming extended family members.  They are constant companions,
many growing up with the children in the home or being added to the home after he children
have been raised.  They are therapeutic for widows and widowers providing a companion,
someone to interact with after the loss of a loved one, also in childless families where adoption
is not an option pets provide that something extra.

Because of this more people are choosing to memorialize the resting place of their pets.  We at
the Cuetara-Hile Memorial Center are here to help you select a memorial that fits your pet in
one of many materials, with various design options including
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Pets name and dates can be
emphasized with a breed
carving (bust or full animal.
Any size or style Granite Marker can also be used as a
pet stone and can also be adorned with photos.  The
options available to create your own personalized
memorial are countless.
Large Sandstone
with Bronze ring

(Scroll mouse over
the memorial for a
closer look at the
Pets can be
on one stone
Paw prints
add a little
character to