Pre-Need Mausoleums and Cremation Columbariums
Selecting Pre-Need Mausoleums or
Cremation Columbariums allows you and
your loved ones to choose together.
For more and more people these days above ground internment in a Mausoleum
or cremation and ash internment in a Columbarium is a choice they prefer.  If the
cemetery you will be interned in allows we can help you to select a mausoleum or
columbarium that best suits your need.

Mausoleums can be purchased for single or multiple people and can be front
loaded, rear loaded, or walk in.  Columbariums can also be purchased for single
or multiple people.  Various styles of both are available and our trained staff will
be happy to work with you and your cemetery to arrange installation.

Benefits of Pre-Need Mausoleums or Cremation Columbariums

Husbands and Wives can Select it together.
You can select a style or color you like.
Pricing is paid at today's prices.
Mausoleum or Cremation Columbarium is in the cemetery.
Family does not have to make additional decisions during an emotional
Colors can be selected that may not be available at a later date.
(particularly imported colors)

Cremation Columbariums can inter several people in one grave space.
The Cuetara-Hile
Memorial Center offers
Pre-Need Cemetery
Memorials, Mausoleums,
Cremation Columbarium,
and Cemetery Final Date
Lettering to fit your needs.  
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