Pre-Need Final Date Lettering
Prepaying for Final Date Lettering removes
the burden from those you leave behind.
Prepaying for the final date lettering on your memorial allows you the peace of
mind that when you pass your memorial will be completed with your final date of
passing with minimal action on the part of your loved ones.

When you prepay your lettering we issue a contract stating that the cost of
lettering has been paid.  Once you pass your family or attorney can notify our
company and we will schedule final date lettering.  A representative for you will
need to sign an authorization at the time of need to allow us to letter your

Even if you didn't purchase your memorial from us we can still make
arrangements with you for prepaying your final date lettering.

Benefits of Prepaying for Final Date Lettering

Pricing is paid at today's prices.
Memorial can be lettered in the cemetery.  (Raised Letter memorials
must be removed then replaced after lettering)
Family does not have to make additional decisions during an emotional
Available on our memorials or any other monument dealers memorials.
The Cuetara-Hile
Memorial Center offers
Pre-Need Cemetery
Memorials, Mausoleums,
Cremation Columbarium,
and Cemetery Final Date
Lettering to fit your needs.  
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