Selecting a Cemetery
When selecting a cemetery for a resting place for you or your loved one it is important to take
several things into consideration.  Below are some guidelines that will be helpful in your selection.

Cemetery Grave Space Cost

The cemetery grave space cost seldom includes fees associated with the internment (burial).  
Check with the cemetery to see what is included in the Lot Cost.  Watch for cemeteries that offer
"Free grave space for loved ones with purchase of a grave space".  Many times this cost is actually
covered by inflated burial fees.  Check several cemeteries to find an average cost for your
geographical location.  Check for all fees associated with the grave space, these fees include but
are not limited to internment (burial fee); after hours or weekend internment (burial); perpetual
care; placement of a marker (by the cemetery or another monument dealer); foundation fee; or
other hidden fees.  Ask the cemetery for all fees in writing so that nothing is missed.

Cemetery Markers

Each  cemetery has it's own rules on what type of grave markers are allowed.  Some cemeteries
allow only
flat grass markers or bronze markers while others allow any style of marker.  It is
important to find this out before hand so that if you have a preference of marker style you will be
able to use that style.

Floral Displays and Other Rules

Check to see what rules the cemetery has regarding floral displays and live plantings and any
other rules that may apply such as concrete borders around your marker or maintenance
required of your marker or space.

Remember, get a copy of the cemeteries rules and regulations in writing.  If they refuse to
give you a copy of their rules in writing it is best to avoid doing business with them.
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