Pre-Planning Dos and Don'ts
The following are some dos and don'ts to help protect yourself from deceptive sales practices:

DO ask a family member or trusted friend to sit in on any meetings.
DO ask all salespeople to identify themselves, the company they represent, and
what services they are selling.
DO know exactly what your buying. Grave liners and vaults sound and look
similar, but a vault is sealed and a liner is not. If your unsure about the products
and services being offered, get a second opinion from a licensed funeral director.
DO make sure that you ask about additional costs at the time of burial ( Charges
for opening and closing the grave, final date lettering, setting or resetting of the
marker, etc. ) and get the terms in writing.
DO ask for a phone number and business card.
DO ask the sales person for permission to tape record your conversations.
DO make a list of questions to ask, and take notes.
DO read over any contract carefully before signing. Have a trusted advisor-such
as your clergy, attorney, banker, or accountant-look over the document with you
DO make certain that everything that is promised is put in writing and attached to
the contract, including your right to change your mind and cancel the deal within
three days.
DO ask for explanation of anything your not sure about, written in plain language
that you understand.
DO find out exactly what is covered. If you buy a casket, vault and cemetery lot,
you will still require the services of a funeral director.
DO find out the name of the bank or insurance company that is acting as the
trustee of the plan. Ask if your funds are protected and transferable.
DO keep a copy of any contract you sign in a safe place that your family knows
DO be cautious. When purchasing a pre-need funeral plan, a licensed funeral
director is your best source. Ask to see the license.

DON'T agree to make payments until you know the rate of interest and the total
amount you will pay. Ask if you can get your money back if you change your
mind. Find out if there is a withdrawal penalty and how much it is.
DON'T take the word of a salesperson that says they are affiliated with "ABC
Funeral Home". Call the funeral home and check.

Making pre-need funeral arrangements is a good idea, but as with any major purchase, you
must take all steps necessary to protect yourself and your family from being taken. One of the
best ways to do this is to deal with people you know and trust.
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