Pre-Planning Warnings
More and more people are planning ahead for their burial needs to save their loved ones the
financial and emotional burden of making difficult decisions at an emotional time. Pre-need
planning also assures the individual that all of their arrangements will follow their personal wishes.

Unfortunately, those shopping for pre-need burial needs must be aware that some sales
organizations use deceptive sales practices, and that offers that sound too good to be true often

Licensed funeral directors advise their customers to be on guard against certain sales "pitches".
The following messages should send up a mental "warning flag", particularly when they come
unsolicited over the telephone.

Such messages include:

  • "We are calling to update our records"
  • "Do you own a cemetery lot?"
  • "Now that you have your cemetery lot, it's time to complete your other pre-arrangements"
  • "We are offering special limited time discounts"
  • "This plan covers everything"
  • "Buy one get one free"
  • "We have a gift for you if you stop by our office"
  • "Is there a veteran in your family that may qualify for a special deal?"
  • "We're calling from social security about your benefits"
  • "You need to come to our office to sign the authorization to open the grave at the time of
Protect Yourself When Shopping for a
Pre-Need Funeral or Burial Plan
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