Memorial Cleaning
Time and the elements can reduce the natural beauty of your
Over time granite and marble memorials become dirty and sometimes algae or
moss will grow on them.  This is a normal process of aging and can't be avoided.  
When this happens there are things that can be done to restore the appearance
of your memorial to it's previous beauty.  Older marble memorials and marble
monuments can also be cleaned to improve their appearance.  Below are the
services that we at the Cuetara-Hile Memorial Center offer to assist you in
preserving your loved ones memorial.

Specific cleaning techniques designed for Granite monuments,
memorials, sculptures, and stonework including chemical and
mechanical to restore it's natural beauty.
Specific cleaning techniques designed for Marble monuments,
memorials, sculptures, and stonework including chemical and
mechanical.  Methods also for aged marble monuments to protect
and cause minimal additional wear.
Sealing techniques designed to protect your memorial from the
Removal and resetting for certain types of cleanings.
Equipment to clean larger monuments and memorials such as
obelisks and mausoleums.

We have decades of experience cleaning memorials and have done cleanings
from single memorials for families interested in restoring their memorial to estates
and trusts restoring entire family plots.  Contact us about your project, be it
cleaning your loved ones memorial, a family plot, church statues, or other granite
and marble work.  Cleanings on aged memorials are reviewed with you to
determine the level of cleaning that can be accomplished.  (Note: Some stains
and growths penetrate so deeply into the porousness of the stone that they can
only be lightened and will not be totally removed.)
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