Etching Maintenance
Maintaining etchings preserves their beauty and extends their life.
Laser and Hand Etchings allow the most detail on artwork for your memorial
using very fine lines to show scenes and photos more realistically.  Etchings will
require maintenance to keep that beauty.  Etchings are available in Natural which
is just engraved, Hi-lite which is engraved then hi-lighted, and Color which is
engraved then has color applied.  Below are the types of treatments used on
laser and hand etchings and their maintenance requirements.

Natural - requires the least maintenance.  Requires only cleaning to
keep it's appearance.

Hi-Lite - requires more maintenance.  Requires cleaning and sealing
to keep it's appearance.  Left unmaintained it may also require re-

Color - requires the most maintenance.  Requires cleaning and
sealing to keep it's appearance.  Also requires re-coloring
periodically since the colors fade.

We're here for you, we offer services to cover all these maintenance needs to
perpetuate the lasting beauty of your etchings.  Below are the services that we at
Cuetara-Hile Memorial Center have to help you in preserving your tribute to your
loved one.

Specific cleaning techniques designed to deep clean your memorial
restoring it's natural beauty while protecting your etching.
Sealing techniques designed to protect hi-lite and color etchings
extending their life.
Re-coloring techniques designed to restore faded color etchings to
their former beauty.
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