Memorial Repair
Weather, Time, and Vandals can damage your memorial.
Many factors can damage your loved one's memorial but most common are
vandalism and accidents.  Vandals have toppled stones in cemeteries around the
world for no particular reason.  Accidents occur in cemeteries where equipment
or visitors knock over memorials.  For whatever reason your memorial has been
damaged we offer repair services that can restore your memorial to it's original
beauty in most cases.  In very rare instances memorials are so aged or damaged
that repair is impossible, in those cases we can assist you by making a replica or
duplicate of the original memorial.  Below are some of the repairs that we offer
you for your memorials.

Foundation replacement for leaning stones.
Lifting and Re-seating knocked over stones.
Installation of concrete borders.
Removal and Replacement of seal between pieces.
Replacement bases and new bases.
Re-Lithoing lettering where original Litho has worn out.

We have been contracted by families, trusts, estates, and cemetery associations to do repairs throughout central Pennsylvania ranging from lifting knocked over
family memorials to repairing vandalism damage throughout entire cemeteries.  
We have experience working in the closeness of cemeteries and equipment
designed for working between memorials.  Contact our staff to review your repair
needs and provide you with a quote.  Large repair projects for cemeteries and
churches are also welcomed.
Memorial Center
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