Bronze Restoration
Restore Bronze to it's original beauty and remove the patinae that
time and weather create.
Bronze is a beautiful metal used in many memorials, statues, monuments, and
buildings.  When it is new it has a deep gold color but as it ages oxidization
occurs causing the bronze to gain a green coating often referred to as a
patinae.  While this gives bronze a unique character and some people like the
look it creates others like the crisp color of new bronze.  Below are two photos,
one showing a new bronze piece, the other showing the patinae.
To serve you better we offer services to cover all these restoration needs to
perpetuate the lasting beauty of your bronze.  Below are the services that we at
Cuetara-Hile Memorial Center have to help you restore your bronze tribute to
your loved one.

Specific cleaning techniques designed to clean your memorial
restoring it's natural beauty.

Sealing techniques designed to protect the bronze extending it's life.

Re-coloring techniques designed to replace worn color emphasis
used on bronze.  Color emphasis is normally a deep chocolate
brown on memorial plaques, monuments, and bronze accent pieces
used to set off the deep gold color of the bronze.
New Bronze showing the Deep gold color
of the bronze and the chocolate brown
color of the color emphasis.
Older Bronze showing the green cast of
the Patinae caused by oxidization of the
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