We value "Service after the sale" as much as you do.
We at the Cuetara-Hile Memorial Center understand the value of memorials to those
who remain.  When a tribute is placed, be it for a loved one, a group such as veterans, or
a trusted pet companion, it is a reminder of that life or those lives to all who see it.  

Time has a negative effect on all types of memorials which requires service to be
performed to maintain the beauty of your memorial.  Our staff of experienced craftsmen
are here to assist you with whatever services you might need for your memorial.
Cuetara-Hile Memorial Center services include:
Quality, not only in manufacturing but also in service.
Memorial Lettering: Pre-need and At-need engraved lettering of Granite and
Marble, and attached lettering of Bronze Memorials.

Memorial Cleaning: Cleaning of Marble, Granite, and Bronze Memorials.  Various
techniques for different levels of soiling and age using several cleaning compounds.

Etching Maintenance: Cleaning and sealing of Memorial Etches to preserve the
appearance and beauty.

Memorial Repair: Repairs to Granite and Marble Memorials.  Resetting fallen
memorials, replacement foundations, damaged memorial repair, and duplication.

Bronze Restoration: Cleaning and Restoration of Bronze Memorials.
Our Services
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